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Preferred Installer Of The Loft Leg System in Blackpool

22/02/2019 - Access4Lofts

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We’re pleased to announce that Access4Lofts is now the preferred installer of the ‘Loft Leg‘ system in the Blackpool area.

The ‘Loft Leg’ system is a unique design protected solution to avoid insulation compression when boarding your loft for storage. It is therefore ideal for use in ‘new build’ properties where the insulation has been installed to the government recommendation of 270mm to achieve a U value of 0.16 (

Access4Lofts and Loft Leg have often been asked whether installing  a system such as ‘Loft Leg’ would invalidate the NHBC warranty on new builds, and have therefore created a ‘new house information pack’ that separates fact from fiction and gives clear advice on whether installing a raised loft storage system, such as Loft Leg would have any effect on the NHBC warranty.

Please click here to read our myth busting document on the common reasons, given by house builders for not boarding new build lofts or contact Josh on 01253 843033.

Loft Leg system being installed Loft Leg System after installation