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NOW: Day 2: Organisation With A Bang

Remember, remember on the 5th of November, not to wear slippers or flip flops to climb the ladder to complete todays task. It won’t end well at all. The only bangs we should be hearing today are fireworks, not you falling off the ladder. As we said yesterday, safety first, so please dress practically and do not walk around your loft if it is not boarded.

Today you will be going through everything in the loft and creating piles. The piles will be as follows: Keep , Not Keeping, Sentimental, Not Sure.

This might take a while depending on the volume of items so to keep the momentum up by having lots of breaks, coffee or tea, and a great music playlist on the go. Upbeat songs really help get those good vibes going so crank up the volume and have a sing along, there are some really motivational playlists on the internet so have a look around if you need some inspiration, as an added bonus no one can hear or see you in the loft so go for it.

As Mary Poppins said: ‘In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP – the job’s a game!’, I’m not sure if that quote will keep you motivated, but try having look at what your loft could look like when you’ve finished, click here for some amazing transformations.