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Access4Lofts Shrewsbury


Converting their garage to a room meant that storage was an issue. Until Access4Lofts helped utilise the storage space in the loft!

The Customers

Mr and Mrs O’Grady from Telford contacted me to discuss creating more space in the loft of their recently purchased home. They were converting their garage into another room and were losing all that storage space so needed to utilise their loft space. We discussed how much space they required and agreed that 5 sqm of loft boarding would be enough at this stage. I measured the whole area so if they ever needed to extend the space, I could return at a later date and carry out more boarding. In addition, they were also having a new combi boiler fitted to replace the old one in the kitchen. Their new one was to be installed in the loft on the new boarded area which would give them another great space in the kitchen.

The Job

It was important that there was a good secure ladder and easy access into the loft for future maintenance of the new boiler and also to transfer the belongings from garage to the loft. I installed a floating floor (so as not to compress their existing insulation) and bridged over some existing pipework. making easy access for the install of the new combi boiler and without compromising the floor storage space. Finally, I converted their old push up hatch to drop down and fitted a lock before installing a loft ladder. I recommended that Mr and Mrs O’Grady had the 3 section Easy Stow ladder - this is my most popular ladder as it is spring assisted (which means it glides down with ease as opposed to the gravity fed ladders which can come down with force as there's no spring to aid operation). This ladder also comes with a good secure hand rail for added safety. The added bonus is that this ladder comes with a 25 year guarantee!

The Feedback

Jonathan from Access4Lofts Shrewsbury provided an excellent service, survey, advice and installation.

Storage space no longer an issue!