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Mr & Mrs Onions now feel safe and secure and are using their loft space more often.

The Customers

Mr & Mrs Onions from Oswestry are retired and contacted me in July 2019 to ask if i could install a loft ladder as they where currently using a step ladder and it did not feel safe to carry items up and down a ladder without a handle. The loft had already been partially boarded by Mr Onions around the immediate hatch area when they first moved in and they didn't require anymore floor space. They also had just recently had a new digital aerial installed in the loft.

The Job

I relocated the aerial to accommodate the ladder and created a new landing platform on top of the existing flooring for the new 3 section spring assisted easy stow ladder with a good secure handle. This ladder comes with a 25 year guarantee!

The Feedback

From quotation to installation every aspect was extremely professional by Jonathan . One of the best companies we have dealt with in a long time. We would definitely recommend Access4Lofts Shrewsbury.

One of the best companies we have dealt with in a long time. Would definitely recommend Access4Lofts Shrewsbury.