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Mrs M. Reclaimed Her Loft Space!

The Customers

Mrs M. from Much Wenlock contacted me after being highly recommended by her neighbour, where I had previously created loft storage space. She lived in a new build but didn't go into the loft as the existing loft hatch was quite small and there was no loft ladder provided. She needed to create some more storage space as her garden shed was over flowing to the point where it was difficult for her to get to anything. She also found that her spare bedroom was also really cluttered.

The Job

This new build home already had 270mm of loft insulation as per the current regulations under the EEC programme (which states that a minimum of 270mm of loft insulation is required))so there was no reason for me to quote for more. We discussed the amount of storage space Mrs M. required and what was available in the central loft area (which would be easy for Mrs M. to access). For new build houses, I use the 'Loft Leg' system and I explained to Mrs M. how this product ensures I raise the level of the floor on without compressing and compromising the insulation. The ‘Loft Leg’ system is a unique design protected solution to avoid insulation compression when boarding your loft for storage. It is therefore ideal for use in ‘new build’ properties where the insulation has been installed to the government recommendation of 270mm and I'm pleased to say that I have 'preferred installer' status with Loft Leg. I started by increasing the size of the hatch and fitting a new UPVC drop down hatch with lock, draught excluder and insulation, making it a lot easier for her to access the loft (and the added benefit of this hatch is that she will never have to paint it!) I then set out the Loft Legs to raise the new boarding above the insulation. I boarded the central area and created 10 sqm of storage space. I also installed a wireless LED loft light (with the switch right next to the hatch so it can be switched on and off easily). Finally, I installed a loft ladder. I recommended that Mrs M. go for the 3 section Easy Stow ladder - this is my most popular ladder as it is spring assisted (which means it glides down with ease as opposed to the gravity fed ladders which can come down with force as there's no spring to aid operation). This ladder also comes with a good secure hand rail for added safety. The added bonus is that this ladder comes with a 25 year guarantee!

The Feedback

Mrs M. was delighted with the end result. She now has her garden shed back and much more space in her spare room - I achieved this for her all in one day!

Mrs M. has reclaimed her loft space!

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