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Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about Loft Ladders?

Access4Lofts Derby has compiled the list of questions below. Please have a read through them.

However, If you have any more questions or would like a no obligation quote, please contact us.

Do you charge to come and look at my loft?
No, I will carry out a loft survey for you completely free of charge. You will then receive a detailed quotation in writing within 24 hours for your consideration. I make sure I itemise my quotations so you can see exactly what each part costs. There is no hard sell and no obligation for you to proceed.

Can you quote a price to me over the phone?
Whilst I can give you an idea of how much it will cost to create a storage area in your loft, I do need to see the loft area to provide an accurate price and to advise on products and location.
Do I need to add VAT to your price?
All my prices are inclusive of VAT and there are no hidden extras.
What happens if you start work and come across a problem, will I have to pay extra?
No, the price I quote is the price you pay.
I have a lot of insulation in my loft, would you still be able to board it out?
I normally install a ‘floating floor’. This means that you get to have your loft boarded without compressing your existing insulation or reducing its effectiveness. Please click here to read our myth busting document on boarding your loft in a new build

If you have a new property with deep insulation I can install a Loft Leg floating floor which is approved by the Carbon Trust.

I don’t currently have any insulation in my loft, is that something you can do?
Yes, just mention this when I come to do your loft survey and I’ll include it in the quotation. I install Knauf Earthwool insulation to current recommended depth of 270mm and certify our installation.
What happens if you put your foot through my ceiling?
I hold £2m of Public Liability insurance. I am very professional and careful but in the unlikely event an accident should happen I will replace and repair to your complete satisfaction.
Do you provide a guarantee for your loft ladders?
Yes, all my work comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and you are presented with a certificate as confirmation.
Are you a member of any professional organisations?
Yes, I am accredited by Which? Trusted Traders.
Can I speak to any of existing customers to get a reference?
Of course. If you’re not convinced by the customer testimonials on my ‘what our customers say’ page, then please call me and I’ll put you in touch with one of our customers.
I am thinking of relocating my boiler into the loft.
Should you have your boiler in the loft you must provide safe access to the boiler. Many companies will not service or repair boilers in lofts without an access ladder, boarding from hatch to boiler and a light.
Do you do other work besides lofts?
I often get asked to do other joinery and building work, but I pride myself in being a complete loft specialist. I don’t believe in the jack of all trades approach so prefer to focus on providing the best possible loft solutions for my customers.
Do you subcontract your work?
Never! I will carry out all our installations personally.
Do you accept credit or debit cards?
Yes, I accept all major credit and debit cards with the exception of Amex.