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NOW: Day 5: Putting It Into Practice

Today you need to muster your energy, channel your creative flow, gather your clear storage boxes, arm yourself with label stickers and marker pens, as well as other organising tools you may have purchased, and get right into it.

Organise everything neatly into the boxes, and ensure that you label all four sides, and the top of each container so that you know what’s inside that box from wherever you are looking at it. Group similar items together so that you can easily map it out later.

Put those things you weren’t sure about into their own separate group. When you come to do your next purge you can revisit them and decide if you still are not sure or have decided to get rid of them.

There are so many great ideas out there of how to organise using basic household items and specialist items you can purchase. For example storing ornaments in egg cartons to protect them against damage when inside the plastic containers. Genius and cost effective. If you did want to spend a bit more though, have a look at this storage box. Freezer bags are another great way to keep items within the boxes organised. For little items you could separate them using cardboard dividers. Having cables in toilet roll holders is a fantastic idea because no one likes detangling a box of cables. It would also be worth noting on the toilet roll what that particular cable is for. You could also wrap your Christmas lights or cables up using one of these. Electrical items should be checked to make sure they still work otherwise there is no point storing them.

When it comes time to take down your artificial Christmas tree, why not try storing it in a plastic box like this one, it would even fit the star or angel too. For things like left over wrapping paper there are storage boxes for these also, like this one here. This wrapping paper storage box even has two internal trays to keep labels and scissors.

When you are deciding where to put the boxes once they are packed think of what you would most likely be accessing the most and make sure they are at the front or most accessible place. As mentioned previously shelving between trusses makes it so easy to store and access items

When you have finished, give yourself a huge pat on the back. You’ve tackled a big job that most people procrastinate about for years. Now the hard work is done, it’s a good idea to map out the layout of your loft and generally zone what is where. That way, when it comes to getting your Christmas decorations down next year, you’ll know exactly where they are. Keep your map in a clear plastic wallet just inside your loft hatch.