We help utilise wasted space by providing quick, easy and affordable loft access and storage solutions.

Access4Lofts Plymouth

A selection of our installations



Before – A large unuseable loft area with deep insulation.

After – The whole loft area boarded out using loft legs to raise the boarding above the insulation avoiding any compression to the insulation below.  This has created a huge area of safe storage.



Before – No safe storage space and a small loft hatch.


After – Enlarged the hatch, installed a loft ladder and loft boarding to create safe storage.
Before – an un organised loft with no safe storage
After – installed loft boarding and utilised the trussed roof structure to create shelving for extra storage


Before – small loft hatch with no access


After – enlarged loft hatch and installed a wooden loft ladder to provide user friendly access
Before -huge open loft with no safe storage
After – installed 25m2 of loft boarding on a floating floor rducing any risk of compressing the existing insulation