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Instagram's Mrs Hinch Loft Telescopic Loft Ladder

Why Mrs Hinch Loves Her Telescopic Loft Ladder…

We’ve been shouting from the rooftops for a while about how amazing the telescopic loft ladders we install are. However, it often takes someone else’s experience to highlight exactly how brilliant these ladders are for lofts that just don’t have the room inside the hatch area for a standard loft ladder.

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NOW: Day 5: Putting It Into Practice

Today you need to muster your energy, channel your creative flow, gather your clear storage boxes, arm yourself with label stickers and marker pens, as well as other organising tools you may have purchased, and get right into it.

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NOW: Day 4: Retail Therapy

Today is a really fun day, today is the day you purchase the storage equipment. Your remaining items should now only be piles of things you want to keep, sentimental items you’re keeping and those that you are not sure about. Now is the time to get buying storage boxes as you have a rough idea of what and how much storage equipment is needed and won’t be buying unnecessary items.

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NOW: Day 3: Learning To Let Go

Your attic probably looks worse than before you started with piles everywhere, but fear not, it means that you’re on the right track and that there is no turning back now – don’t give up.

Today you will go through the ‘Not Keeping’ pile that you created yesterday and make them into smaller piles of ‘Bin, Donate And Sell’.

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NOW: Day 2: Organisation With A Bang

Remember, remember on the 5th of November, not to wear slippers or flip flops to climb the ladder to complete todays task. It won’t end well at all. The only bangs we should be hearing today are fireworks, not you falling off the ladder. As we said yesterday, safety first, so please dress practically and do not walk around your loft if it is not boarded.

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NOW: Day 1: Surveying The Situation

During this National Organising Week you will be going up into the loft so first of all you will need to make sure it is safe to do so. For safe access into your loft, ensure that you have a sturdy ladder and ideally someone holding the ladder for you. Of course, the safest option would be to have a loft ladder installed and this is something you can consider for the future. If your loft is not boarded it is not safe to walk around in so you would need to carefully try to remove the items and sort through them downstairs.

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Tips For Tidying Your Loft

Here at Access4Lofts, we love a tidy loft space. We would love to help the entire nation to clear and clean that forgotten space which sits above us in our homes. To help you organise your loft, we’ve created these tips for tidying your loft.

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